Have you ever felt that your own child or the child of a friend is not receiving the public school education she deserves and requires? I provide families who need help with navigation of the educational system to obtain a free, appropriate public education for their children who are disabled. The services include educational record review, attendance at IEP or 504 team meetings, and communication with the school district in which the child attends school. My ideal clients are families who have trouble with a school district and do not believe that their child receives a free, appropriate public education (FAPE), also known as special education or Section 504 services.


Re: Solutions offers non-attorney educational advocacy for children, youth & young adults with disabilities. There is a shortage of non-attorney educational advocates in Maine, and even more so for non-attorney educational advocates with the knowledge base Ms. Parks has in the field of education. The services Ms. Parks is able & capable to provide are:

  • To serve as a buffer and liaison between family and school;
  • To review the child’s educational record with parental or guardian permission;
  • To attend as an objective and caring participant in IEP team & 504 team meetings which can be daunting and emotional;
  • To help the family and IEP or 504 team identify the problem and brainstorm resources and tools that can lead to the solution;
  • To organize the special education or 504 documents and devise a way to an ongoing file about the child at client’s home;
  • To assist the family with the creation of phone logs and documentation of the family’s written communication with the school and school administrative unit (SAU);
  • To assist the family in filing a due process dispute resolution;
  • To provide the family with information and resources about other educational programs and services;
  • To assist the family with written communications;
  • To attend mediations and complaint investigation meetings with the family; and,
  • To perform other pertinent duties as needed.

[Please note Ms. Parks cannot represent the family in due process hearings.]



  •  28 years of experience as a consultant at the Maine Department of Education (8 years as the Consultant for English as a Second Language; 2 years as Equity Consultant; 18 years as Special Services Due Process Consultant);
  •  Active listener and asks important questions to arrive at the core of the problems with which she’s presented;
  •  Intimate knowledge of the Maine Unified Special Education Regulations (MUSER) & the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), FERPA & Section 504, and has made numerous presentations about such;
  • Assisted thousands of Maine families to understand MUSER, IDEA, and has helped them and SAUs to avoid special education due process;
  • Assisted SAUs state-wide to informally resolve disputes and avoid special education due process and to understand the families’ point of view;
  • Facilitated many SAUs with resource materials about educational topics; and,
  • Facilitated state-wide training to SAU employees about Section 504, MUSER, gender equity and prevention of bullying and harassment
  • Training in special education due process, special education forms, and MUSER